Make this the year you FINALLY learn compositing!

Composite images are one of the best ways to stand out in the crowded school photo market, because they offer unlimited creativity and visual impact!

You’ll learn by DOING the work in this hands-on, in-studio class led by Indy’s premiere composite photo artist, David Van Deman. Together, you will go through the entire process, from setting up and shooting a studio session with your senior, to selecting backgrounds and make the finished composition.

Combining a studio shoot with unique and impactful background elements creates a powerful final image that your clients will rave about!

Why would you want to learn compositing?

You’ve heard Composites are a good way to add additional income to your business

…But you’re not sure if you have the abililty to pull them off

You’d love to work on something amazing for your favorite clients

…But you’re not sure how to even sell them

You’ve had clients ask for editing that is beyond your skills

…But aren’t even sure where to start with more advanced editing in Photoshop

Here’s all the photography goodness we’ll be covering…

  • How to set up lighting and backgrounds with intent to use the images for composites
  • The 3 keys to making composites that are BELIEVABLE
  • The extra little Photoshop tricks that can make the creative process fast and painless (hint – the header image on this page was done in 17 minutes, even with me yapping the whole time about what I was doing).
  • How you can use composites to boost sales and have your seniors EXCITED to be doing a photoshoot!

Just a few raves about our classes…

David is a great teacher and his studio is located in a beautiful space. I walked away with an enormous amount of valuable information. I will definitely be returning for additional classes! ~Malissa

I’ve taken two classes with David and they have both been fantastic! His creating composites class was fun, engaging and educational. It definitely showed me that I could create digital art merged with my photography. If you get a chance to take a class from David, at whatever level your photography knowledge is currently, he will help get you to the next level. ~Brad

David was great about teaching to all skill levels and I learned several things I didn’t know about photoshop. He is patient and open to discussion, even answering my questions about photography not related to photoshop. I look forward to the next class! ~Angela

You’ll come away from the class with dozens of photos to practice with, a set of background files to get started and a recorded, live editing demo where you can ask questions and then go back and review the whole thing whenever you want.

Space is limited to 6 attendee photographers. $125 per seat.

This class is being hosted by The Lair Studios and Van Deman Photography at the Stutz building in Downtown Indianapolis on Sunday, May 16th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You want in? Sign up now before they’re all gone

If you’ve been putting off learning how to create dramatic composite images, You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to finally hit them out of the park.