Election day sunrise

Good Morning United States!!

Shot with Canon 7D & 24-105 f4L lens. 1/30th second at f4.0, ISO 100.

Well, it is late evening as I’m writing this but I wanted to share another really great sunrise. This time there were no clouds, just a nice golden glow in a clear sky that faded to a deep purple/blue.  It was neat because I can see this flag from my back deck. I get to wake up and see these sunrises out my kitchen window and this morning just had a nice little treat. So I skipped breakfast and drove by on my way to work to get a shot.  Nothing super special about the exposure, just slightly under-exposed (2/3 stop) to deepen the sky color and create more of a silhouette with the flag yet still have enough detail to see the stripes.

A simple, peacefully inspiring image for waking up on election day in Indy.

God bless the U.S.A.


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