Sunset Fishing…

This was one of those “Thank God I have my camera” moments. I was traveling around I465 headed to a dinner and trivia outing with my friends. The whole drive around I was captivated by this incredible sunset that was developing. By the time I exited the interstate I was literally bouncing in the seat eager to get somewhere I could capture this glorious display. Well, turns out there’s this funky little fishbone sculpture right near the restaurant I was headed towards. I’ve been by this a handful of times before…even managed to see a Great Blue Heron sitting on top of the fish at one point. That was a moment of “dangit where’s my camera…” Anyway, I tear into the parking lot by this little retaining pond and snatch the camera out of the trunk without even bothering to shut the car off and run down to the edge of the water to start shooting. I got about 10 frames before the sun and all it’s color were gone.  Literally, had I been held up for another five minutes anywhere along the way I wouldn’t have gotten this shot.

It has been said before…in a lot of photography, timing is everything. You can have great light, great models, a beautiful wardrobe and so on…but if you miss the moment that perfect “look” happens, you’ve missed a great shot. The gear doesn’t matter as much. Sure I used a Canon 7D and 70-200 f2.8 lens. Could have gotten a great shot with a 40D or even an old Rebel Xti…the key was being there when the light was working, when the clouds were glowing, and when God said, “Here ya go…”

Faith, Hope, Love…

2 thoughts on “Sunset Fishing…

  1. I will admit to one small bit of retouching – I removed a rather intrusive light pole just to the right of the sculpture. Everything else is as-shot. No filters, color adjustment or cropping.

  2. I used to miss a lot of those moments before I got my iPhone. I had previously had a crack-berry, but found that its camera gave pretty lousy pictures. I much prefer what I get out of the iPhone4 and have a few apps that let me expand my creativity. "The best camera is the one you have with you" has never been more true.A just chuckle at the mental image of your efforts to get the shot! It was worth it. Nice capture.

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